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OPR'S health and healthcare innovation presence has been moved to its own website. The reorganization is intended to make it easier for visitors interested in health and healthcare innovations to find information on technologies, solutions, and business models.  Please visit for the latest information on cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions focusing on patients, clinicians, and providers.

Solutions for the Post Covid Economy and Beyond

If you lead a business in these tumultuous times, then you and your team are likely to face unprecedented challenges.  The economic lockdowns, operational constraints, and unpredictable spikes of the virus are threatening business profitability and survivability.  Unfortunately, there are no proven strategies, playbooks, or off-the-shelf solutions because there are no precedents for the forced disruption of the world's leading economies. 

Nevertheless, business leaders like you must lead and transform their organizations to deliver compelling value and sustain profitability.  These are daunting challenges that we know innovative organizations can overcome. Our innovative frameworks are engineered to help businesses cope and perform as the economic picture unfolds. They are based on many years of experience with innovative and disruptive technologies and insights from leading academic institutions.

LET'S HAVE A CONVERSATION.  We tailor and adapt our solutions to your specific needs and changing circumstances. These are important considerations in our unprecedented times where change and uncertainty are the only constants.  That's why we listen carefully before discussing potential solutions and offering advice.  We look forward to hearing from you and starting a productive conversation.

Decision - Making

is the tip of the spear in leading and operating an organization.  We help our clients upgrade their decision-making into a competitive differentiator.  

Digital Transformation

is revolutionizing business models and competitive strategies.  We help our clients transform their organization for competitive advantage.  

Artificial Intelligence

is reshaping the business landscape, but it is no panacea.  We help our clients understand and exploit AI for advantage, while protecting their human capital.

Technological Disruptions

can threaten incumbents, empower newcomers, and change competitive dynamics.  We help our clients reduce the risks and maximize the opportunities.  

Why you benefits from our original research

Innovative technologies are commonly praised and blamed for causing competitive disruptions.  They are not alone as drivers of change, however.  Geopolitical events can similarly trigger disruptions in the global economy.  Disruptors include changes in trade policies, national, regional and global political instability, and military conflicts.  Companies operating and trading in the larger global economy are susceptible to geopolitical disruptions.  While we focus on technology, our research and analysis consider broader disruptive forces, including geopolitical events, high-stake decisions, and decision-makers.


The following books were authored by OPR founder, Ozzie Paez, to apply and test analytical methods to geopolitical events.  Ozzie’s approach intentionally side-stepped traditional analytical approaches common to historians, policy wonks, and foreign policy scholars.  It applied a benchmark approach common to engineering, along with decision-making analysis and the psychology of biases in decision-making.


“My books will help you understand and overcome poor assumptions, barriers, biases, and fallacies in decision-making.  They offer leaders novel approaches for coping with uncertainty, managing risks and thriving amid disruptions.”  Ozzie Paez

Book Reviews


Praise for Decision Making in a Nuclear Middle East


Ozzie's analysis of the nuclear Middle East is based on a novel application of "benchmarking"- a technique used in business to compare best practices. Dissecting the Soviet-US Cold War nuclear deterrence history with great clarity, Ozzie Paez shows how fickle and unreliable mutual deterrence can be in the Middle East context. This is one of the most, if not THE most insightful, concise, clear-eyed analysis I've read about the Middle East fragile balance of power. I started reading this short book as a believer in mutual deterrence. I ended up absolutely convinced Paez is right, and Washington (surprise!) is blind as bat...


Read the full review of Decision Making in a Nuclear Middle East on Amazon

Praise for Going Nuclear


Author Ozzie Paez has done his homework and it shows. The book is based on numerous papers, articles, and interviews, that were integrated into a coherent read. Mr. Paez's passion saves us from the dry and tough experience that usually accompanies such fact-packed books. However, his personal experience as US Air Force veteran and researcher into safety and security don't surface as much as the interested reader may want it to.


The essence of the book is twofold. Not only does it shed light on current crises and political instability, but it also shows the detrimental effects of hindsight bias on decision-making. The book is more than just a history lesson, it harbors many useful insights for any decision-maker. A few of the best are: "Hindsight doesn't produce foresight" and its emergence is "a process, not an event'...


See B.L. van Veen's full review of Going Nuclear on Amazon

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