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Artificial Intelligence Practice

OPR’s artificial intelligence (AI) practice tailors its strategic services to the distinct needs of each client.  We know that AI is the most intellectually challenging, strategically disruptive technology of the digital age.  That’s why we’ve been researching and studying its implications for competitive strategy, business models, operations, and human capital.  Our practices rely on collaboration and partnerships with executives and senior managers that help them understand, cope and exploit artificial intelligence for competitive advantage. 


OPR’s services reflect the changing AI environment and the emerging needs of enterprise leaders.  We recognize that introducing AI technologies into the enterprise often presents daunting challenges.  Finding answers requires experience, creative thinking, and scholarship.  That’s why we tap into solutions and ideas from around the world through an international network of talented, experienced colleagues.  We also bring academic learning and insights from leading universities like MIT, Columbia and Harvard Business Schools.   


If you and your organization want to better understand the implications of AI for competitive strategy, business models and operations, then let’s have a conversation.  We may have ideas, insights, and solutions as distinct as the challenges you are facing.


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