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Focus on Value

Great leaders and their organizations have one clear objective in mind – to succeed by outperforming their peers and competitors. The best will set new standards of performance that redefine customer expectations in ways their competitors will find very difficult to imitate. This is the essence of sustainable advantage. Others will falter and seed their market advantage to established competitors, and increasingly to upstarts that prove more adept at leveraging innovative technologies.  Success or failure will depend, in large part, on each organization’s ability to (1) effectively use information to drive decisions, (2) innovate and exploit innovations, and (3) adapt and thrive in the face of disruptions.

OPR’s approach reflect our clients’ desire and drive for greatness.  It means working with each to help them exploit the synergies of powerful technologies and human capital.  It’s not easy – we know.  The pace of technological progress and waves of disruptive change can overwhelm the most capable leadership teams.  To assist you, we’ll partner with your team and arm you with cutting edge research, expertise and methods that bring down barriers, leverage innovation and tame disruptions.  With mutual leadership and support, our teams will deliver benefits and capabilities that exceed their simple sums. 

Engagement Structure

We focus our energy on helping you, which means defining and managing work scopes clearly and with minimal bureaucratic overhead.  In this context, we structure our engagements as Advisory, Tasks and Projects.  Advisory engagements deliver dedicated support services on an as needed basis, over a long period of time.  Tasks have specific deliverables within short timeframes.  Projects contain advisory services and tasks grouped within an established scope, timeframe and budget.   


Our billing process is similarly clear and simple: ​

  • On short engagements, we bill in thirds: at the start, mid way and on concluding the engagement. 

  • On longer engagements, we use task-orders or an approved per-hour model.

  • More detailed contracts are used when clients require greater levels of services, up to and including multidisciplinary teams.

Project Questions?

Our project leader is also your customer liaison officer.  He or she will work with you to answer questions, address concerns, clarify issues and deliver outstanding support.  If you still have questions after discussing them with the project lead, then call our offices directly.  We are here to resolve issues and breakdown barriers that get in the way of our work on your behalf.

Still have questions or concerns?

Contact me directly:

Ozzie Paez


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