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OPR's AI and Smart Tech Services

People are often surprised to learn that artificial intelligence dates to the 1950s.  There are many misconceptions about AI and smart technologies.  They often fuel poor assumptions on how these technologies are revolutionizing markets and business competition.  

Our experience with AI and smart tech date to the 1990s and the design of expert systems, decision support systems, and diagnostics.  Many of the lessons we learned during these years are applicable to the use and application of their latest designs including advanced automation and machine learning.

Transforming for advanced tech

Leveraging AI and smart technologies for competitive advantage and operational excellence require new ways of thinking. That's because these technologies are advancing very quickly and organizations must similarly evolve to keep pace and remain relevant.  Transformation in this context is a continuing process not a series of distinct projects and initiatives.

OPR's AI and smart technology services build on our research, development, and operational experiences.  We help enterprise leaders and their organizations exploit these technologies and thoughtfully adapt as they evolve.  This process can deliver on-going transformation without on-going disruptions to operations, management, and leadership. 

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AI and Smart Tech blog

You can read and benefit from our research through our blog posts.  Leave us your comments.  We appreciate hearing from our readers and you'll benefit by helping us publish more useful and relevant information.  Our clients further benefit from our consulting, training, and mentoring services.  These have been engineered to deliver timely returns on their investments.  You can find out more by contacting us.  It all begins with a conversation.

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