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Transformation Services

Ozzie Paez Research (OPR) brings engineering rigor and human perspectives to areas frequently disrupted by innovative technologies.  These include business strategy, business models, leadership, decision-making, and the deployment of advanced automation, artificial intelligence and smart technologies.  We apply engineering and business methods to explain and demystify innovative technologies and related disruptions.  It’s a methodical approach designed to help you transform your most pressing problems into advantages and opportunities.

The Plan

OPR’s Transformation services leverage the power of our four-part framework, Understand-Transform-Thrive-Disrupt.  It helps us to create a targeted, adaptable plan to achieve your transformation objectives:


We have learned from experience and research that thoughtful, aware leadership is indispensable to Transformation success. This phase has a simple objective: to prepare you and your executive team to lead your business’ transformation for years to come.



Transforming generally begins with benchmarking how existing and emerging innovative technologies may disrupt your company’s competitive strategy, business models and operations.  Our findings clarify the way forward and next steps on the road to transformation.  This is a journey into self-awareness, future awareness and change.  It requires engaged leadership to help define the boundaries, set priorities and focus resources on areas that will deliver the highest returns on investment.



You, your executive team and organization will be prepared for and ultimately lead the Thrive phase of the project.  That’s because it will be on-going, extending beyond our collaboration.  We will provide training, support and knowledge transfer, but clients are usually eager to lead the way.  It’s an exciting and rewarding effort that will make transformation operational and integral to the company’s culture and leadership.  It is also critical to improving competitiveness by continuously searching for and exploiting competitive advantage in disruptive environments that often weaken the competition.



The final phase involves identifying opportunities to become a disruptor by deploying new technologies, revolutionizing business models, rethinking strategy and changing value propositions.  Like thriving on disruptions, disrupting will become an on-going process in the company.  It changes perspectives, attitudes and awareness of emerging opportunities.  It is forward looking, creative and eagerly competitive in its focus.


We structure our services to start delivering benefits and returns as early as possible.  Transformation is an on-going process, not an event or series of events.  A distinguishing aspect of our services in our focus on transferring knowledge and know-how to you and your team.  It’s a safe assumption that innovation will continue at an accelerated pace.  It is critical, therefore, for you and your team to continue leading and transforming the organization as new innovations are introduced and disruptions emerge.  It’s this on-going process that will deliver sustained advantage over time.

Time is a critical factor in benefitting from transforming the enterprise.  Your advantage over competitors over unprepared competitors will grow each day you move forward with transformation.  Similarly, competitors will gain advantage if they take the lead.  Waiting for the future to reveal itself is a poor strategy.  Research demonstrates that early engagement guided by effective leadership and well thought out planning leads to the best outcomes.  

A la Carte Services (ACS)

OEP’s Transformation Services are built on sets of technical, strategic and geopolitical analysis capabilities.  Our ACS practice is designed to help you with more narrowly defined needs through the services at the core of our transformation practice.  These include decision-making processes, technical systems and strategies.  We also combined them to help clients in specific industries, including healthcare and fitness.

We broadly group ACS services into three distinct practice areas: Strategic Services, Technical Services and Geopolitical Analysis:

  • Strategic Services: Competitive Strategy, Business Models, Data Strategy, Decision-Making, Human Capital, Organizational Leadership.

  • Technical Services:  Engineering, Human Factors, Technology Assessments, Information Systems, Data-Social Analytics, Advanced Automation, Smart Technologies.

  • Geopolitical Analysis: Negotiations, Business Intelligence, Nuclear Proliferation.


If you need more narrowly defined and structured support, then our ACS practice was designed to help you.  As with our transformational services, it all starts with a conversation.

Considering Transformation?  Need an A la Carte Service?  

Let's get started.  

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