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OPR's Decision-Making Framework and Services

Decisions are the tip of the spear in our lives and the organizations we lead.  How decisions are made, by whom, and how effectively they are executed define organizational performance.  The quality and effectiveness of decision-making more than any other factor distinguish outstanding organizations from runner-ups. 

Decision-making has been a core human function and responsibility.  This exclusivity is being challenged by smart systems, automation, and artificial intelligence.  Humans still make most consequential decisions, and someone is usually held accountable for the results.  But the growing role of smart tech and AI has major implications for the way organizations are structured, lead, and managed.

Powerful solutions for leaders

OPR's approach to decision-making employs an innovative framework to help leaders balance emerging technologies and human capital.  It builds on lessons learned from AI, digital transformation, process reengineering, and competitive strategy analysis. 

Our services are engineered to deliver practical results that can make organizations more responsive and competitive.  They deliver timely, compelling, and unique value based on our experience and on-going research.

Decision-making blog
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OPR's decision-making blog includes classic posts on biases and cognition, and the latest insights from our applied research and investigations.  Future posts will include our assessment of technical and political decision-making during the COVID emergency and related lessons learned.  Our content will remain technical and practical with recommendations and applications to applications like health emergencies, operations, and finance.

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