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Disruptions Break the Mold
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DISRUPTION has become a bucket word holding many imprecise concepts and definitions.  That’s unfortunate because the fate of many established businesses (incumbents) will depend on their ability to identify, cope with, and exploit disruptive changes.  Historically, once disruptions have taken hold, unprepared incumbents have lost their competitive edge and gone out of business.

Disruptors have short windows of opportunities to exploit their competitive advantages and dethrone entrenched incumbents.  They must recognize their role at the earliest point and leverage the effects to gain dominance in markets and battlefields.  Treating disruptions as sustaining, evolutionary changes sacrifice their competitive advantages and allow incumbents to leverage their positions of strength.  In this context, both disruptors and incumbents need to recognize emerging threats and opportunities, and to respond without delay.


Unfortunately, while disruptions are easily recognized retrospectively, they are difficult to predict prospectively.  There are few tools available at this point to help incumbents and new entrants identify emerging disruptions.  This situation leaves incumbents vulnerable to being disrupted and disruptors at risk of losing competitive advantages.  We have solutions that can help you.


The central objectives of our services are to help secure, support, and grow our clients' competitive position and advantages.  Incumbents benefit from greater awareness and preparedness in identifying and responding to emerging disruptions.  Disruptors benefit from a clear understanding of their competitive position and how to exploit their disruptive impacts on competitors and markets.

Our services include Executive Training, Mentoring Support, Strategy Analysis, Business Model Analysis and Design, Frameworks, Analytical Tools, and Research.  We deliver our services individually, as suites, and as custom solutions. 

Our services build on our research and experience with information systems, technology, and competitive strategy.  They reflect lessons learned from the global marketplace and best practices taught at leading universities including MIT, Columbia, and Harvard Business Schools.  Our services involve knowledge transfer and mentoring of analysts and decision-makers to expand our clients’ internal capabilities.  The information and insights we deliver are tailored contextually to match each client’s operational-competitive environment.


We also deliver customized frameworks, methods, and tools designed to help each client evaluate and respond to on-going changes in their competitive environment.  Our objectives are to leave behind the capabilities and systems necessary for each client to continuously evaluate their operational-competitive environments.    


Our services translate into greater client awareness of emerging threats and opportunities from disruptive and potentially disruptive changes.  They also deliver insights and information to drive decisions in response to disruptive and non-disruptive changes in the organization’s competitive environment. 

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