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Fitness, tech and health

Fitness, tech and health

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Adventures & emergencies

ENVISION how tech will change critical aspects of our lives, even when we are away from home. Travel, accidents and emergency response.

a healthy mind
A HEALTHY body without a healthy mind is the saddest tragedy of all. See how technology will make early detection and intervention possible.
Live longer, fitter & better

THE LONG TERM VIEW of fitness and health offers us the best opportunity to live the long, high quality lives we deserve.    


Our business development services are targeted to fitness centers, hospitals, medical practices, insurance providers, and related specialties, including physical therapists and sports trainers.  Clients will benefit from our research, investigations and evaluations of new and emerging technologies that straddle traditional health and fitness services.  We offer training, seminars and support services focusing on the impact of existing and emerging technologies on business strategies, models and practices.  

Our objectives are to help our clients understand how technology is changing the balance between fitness and health services, and challenging long established practices in both industries.  We then help them position their companies to take full advantage of these changes through innovative strategies and business models.  These are intended for early adopters who are eager to embrace and profit from great opportunities, while protecting their businesses from the disruptive effects of accelearting technological innovations.


We also offer insights for State and Federal policy specialists working to improve access, affordability and quality in healthcare.  Our findings go to the heart of the debate and the need to lower the costs of healthcare, while improving outcomes. It is our conviction that these objectives will remain out of reach as intractable problems, unless technologies are applied in the context of new health and fitness paradigms. 

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