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Reflecting on 2020

2020 was a banner year for those who study and apply decision-making in disrupted and uncertain environments. Decision-making under uncertainty became a dominant paradigm as organizations struggled to cope with health threats, recurring lockouts, and inconsistent mandates. Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed many decision-making shortcomings that closely reflected those of previous crises. Their prevalence suggests that many painful lessons were not learned and passed along to new generations of leaders, managers, and decision-makers.

The increasing influence of artificial intelligence and smart technologies went largely unreported during this period. Yet, their impacts on organizational decision-making and operations are already revolutionizing how winning organizations will be structured, managed, and lead. AI technologies can deliver decisive operational and competitive advantages, but only when organizational leaders wisely introduce and leverage their strategic capabilities. These are no easy tasks given AI’s complexities and the limited pool of practitioners with relevant technical and business experience.

OPR is integrating 2020’s many lessons and advances in smart technologies into our business support services and continuing research. I will be sharing select findings and insights in upcoming posts. Please stay tuned. 2021 is almost here and it’s time to move on. We can start with a conversation.

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