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Learning to talk healthcare

I've been investigating and researching the potential of emerging technologies to improve fitness, health, and patient empowerment for over twenty years. The language and structure of medicine and healthcare have been the primary barriers to discussing the topic and related issues with medical professionals. I've been blessed to have a doctor as one of my closest friends. He has helped me understand and cope with the chasm of medical language and its implications for areas related to Artificial Intelligence and smart technologies.

Still, it wasn't enough to close important gaps in my understanding and ability to clearly discuss relevant issues. Stanford University's Introduction to Healthcare, one of five in a certificate program, proved tremendously helpful in filling these knowledge gaps. This was particularly valuable at this time because of my focus, upcoming posts, and related services surrounding AI and its many implications for patients and their health support teams. I'm grateful to Stanford for making this and other courses available to non-medical professionals including engineers, analysts, strategists, and researchers.


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