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Getting smart about Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

One of my primary functions is helping our clients cope and thrive amid disruptive change. In this context, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest hot topic in technology and business. Our conversations with business owners, executives and managers suggest that they are struggling to understand how to leverage AI technologies to improve their competitive position. They’ve also expressed concerns over threats from new and emerging competitors who may be better prepared to use AI and smart technologies for competitive advantage. These business leaders realize that AI and other disruptive technologies are injecting uncertainties that will threaten their companies.

To assist our clients in coping and thriving in this environment we must understand the business and technical implications of emerging disruptive technologies, including AI. It means appreciating their individual and synergistic effects on markets and competition. This week I begin a seven-week practical course (MIT) focusing on Artificial Intelligence and its implications for business. It is the fourth in a series spanning more than year, which included Big Data and Social Analytics (MIT), the business implications of the Internet-of-Things (MIT) and Data Strategies for business (Columbia). These courses are valuable because they are built on up to date content and insights on how disruptive technologies are affecting markets and competition at home and abroad.

Our process for developing and updating client services includes formal training and engagement with colleagues from around the world. I’ve benefitted and continue to benefit from the contributions of dozens of international colleagues and fellow students. Their willingness to share experiences, including successes and failures, and perspectives anchored to different cultures and competitive environments have been invaluable. They’ve helped me appreciate and comprehend the human and business dimensions of smart technologies within widely different economic and cultural contexts. These are critical steps in developing competitive strategies, business models and methods tuned to the unique needs of individual clients.

In seven weeks, we will be moving on with our businesses and careers enriched by what we’ve learned, shared and experienced. We will also benefit from new contacts with colleagues and academics at one of the world’s leading institutions. These connections will add value to our existing network of technologists, business leaders, professionals, academics and researchers. Social networks like LinkedIn will facilitate continuing collaboration, cooperation and shared learning in the years ahead. I’m grateful and eager to translate these experiences into practice as we help current and future clients thrive and outperform competitors in the dynamic markets of the global economy.

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