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AI's indispensable enablers

Artificial intelligence is most effective when complemented with other technologies, particularly modeling and analytics. These are complex technologies that when thoughtfully integrated broadly improve organizational performance and decision-making.

MODELING can be traced to ancient times when physical models were common in early architecture. Modeling in systems and data science are usually dynamic mathematical constructs. Models help us understand how different factors (variables) interact to affect the whole and are particularly useful in what-if scenario studies.

BUSINESS ANALYTICS’ is traceable to the 19th and early 20th centuries and the works of H. Fayol and F.W. Taylor. Its modern roots are transactional and common to finance, sales, quality, and logistics. The Internet and connected devices (Internet-of-Things) expanded the role and use of analytics into areas like social analytics and website engagement.

I will cover these technologies in short case examples to illustrate how can be integrated to broadly improve organizational performance, decision-making, and leadership. These cases will center on applications in complex environments like medicine, epidemiology, agriculture, energy, and national security.


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