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Education redefined in the age of AI

Western education is built on a narrower-deeper paradigm. As students enter Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs, of necessity, they learn more and more about less and less. This costly and time-consuming model has served us well. Universities supplied the generations of highly trained specialists who founded and worked for companies that revolutionized modern life and the global economy.

Artificial intelligence is challenging this model. College programs are struggling to grow the #AI talent pool fast enough to meet growing demands. This is not a new problem. The IT industry experienced similar shortages during the early Internet and dot-com boom of the late 1990s. Companies like Microsoft and Cisco stepped in to train armies of young technologists. The same approach may not work as well this time. AI is more complex and technically demanding than IT. Be skeptical of claims that only basic math skills are needed. It’s not that simple. In addition, most #MBAs were never trained on AI and few have developed compatible business models and competitive strategies. I’ve been collaborating with colleagues on these issues to help our clients cope and exploit AI. I’ll be sharing some lessons learned and strategies in upcoming posts. Stay tuned. #businessmodels #business

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