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Preparedness and healthcare specs

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I’ve spent much of my career helping clients define their needs, expectations, and #requirements in the face of continuous technological innovations. Good #specifications are indispensable for leveraging innovative technologies without putting existing operations at risk. In practice, there are many #innovations that prove impractical because they are too costly, disruptive, and unsustainable.

Solutions in this context must pass relevant tests of #utility, #lifecycle#sustainability, and compatibility. Requirements vary, but we have learned through research and experience that innovative solutions with the highest returns and lowest risks:

· Improve #capacity, #productivity, and #efficacy across operational scenarios.

· Can be deployed without major upgrades to legacy systems.

· Build on, strengthen, and grow core #competencies.

· Support and leverage advanced #analytics and artificial intelligence.

· Are financially beneficial and sustainable.

We are using these benchmarks to evaluate innovative new remote patient monitoring technologies in light of the Covid pandemic. I will introduce them and their implications for emergency preparedness and response in my next posts.


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