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The risks of dying after leaving hospital

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Reducing the risks of patients unexpectedly deteriorating and dying after being released from hospital is a growing concern. Thankfully, effective affordable solutions are now available that enable providers to leverage Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) systems to continuously monitor their patients following discharge. New Intelligent RPM systems take this capability a step further by continuously evaluating, alarming, and prioritizing provider actions when patients' conditions unexpectedly worsen. This is particularly important when patients are discharged from the Emergency Department (ED) and sent home, usually with instructions to follow up with their primary care physicians.

The time between ED discharge and related doctor visits can vary widely based on doctor availability. The ED doctor may be counting on his patient seeing a doctor within a few days, but in practice, the next available appointment may be several weeks away. Studies suggest that unmonitored patients are at a higher risk of dying during this period. Thankfully, new technologies like BioBeat's continuous RPM and intelligent patient assessment system are delivering effective sustainable solutions.

In this application, BioBeat’s inexpensive disposable wireless patches are attached to patients before they are sent home. These tiny marvels capture and transmit streams of patients' vitals, which are processed through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. ED personnel set monitoring and alarm parameters and are then notified when patient conditions deteriorate. Alarms are prioritized and displayed on connected stations and patient smartphones, which allow medical staff to provide support and summon emergency services when needed.

These innovative solutions deliver automated triage support and response strategies for reducing patient and provider risks. They should be part of healthcare providers' digital transformation programs and strategies. Contact me for additional information on BioBeat's growing suite of innovative RPM solutions:

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